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How to Care for Your Designer Sunglasses


Updated on Oct 11, 2023

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If youre going to make the investment into a pair of designer sunglasses, its important to remember that, if theyre to last well and provide you with the most effective and optimal service, you need to look after them.

None of the following tips are arduous, in fact theyre mostly common sense, but its amazing how many people treat their sunglasses carelessly and then wonder why they break. Heres our top (very simple) tips to ensure your designer sunglasses last the distance.

Handle With Care

While you dont have to take out the white gloves every time you put your designer sunglasses on and off, you should get into the habit of handling them correctly, in order to avoid damaging the frames or lenses.

Use both hands to hold either the bridge or the arms when opening them dont flick them open, even if you think it makes you look cool! When you place them on your face, take care when adjusting them to ensure they are sitting snugly and will not slip off. Its very tempting to wear your glasses on your head when not in use, but this really isnt a good idea, so resist if you possibly can. It can put strain on the hinges and also transfer residual hair products to the lenses.

Clean With Caution

While its imperative to keep your lenses clean, of course, theres a right and wrong way to do it. Only use professional lens cleaner, along with the special microfibre cloth thats provided with your purchase. (You can also buy these easily if you lose the original one.) Do not be tempted to use your clothing, tissues or anything else, as youll risk scratching the lenses, and always ensure your hands are clean before you start.

Store them Correctly

Your sunglasses will come with a protective case make sure you opt for a hard shell as opposed to a soft cloth one. While a hard case may be a bit more bulky, it provides much needed protection for carrying or storing. Girls, never carry them loose in your handbag, as stray items like keys and make-up can easily cause damage. Guys, dont put them in shirt or trouser pockets, for the same reason and theres also the added danger youll sit on them!

A special mention: never, ever leave your sunglasses on the dashboard of your car even for a short period. Just because of their name, it doesnt mean theyre built to withstand the soaring temperatures a vehicles interior can reach on a hot day. The excessive heat can warp frames and lenses and damage any protective tint. Its also an open invitation to potential thieves who fancy getting a pair of designer sunglasses for free!

There are few accessories that are as fashionable and functional as a pair of designer sunglasses. Their high-quality construction and materials mean they dont come cheaply, but they are certainly a worthwhile investment. If you look after them, and treat them with respect by following the simple tips above, you should get years of happy use.

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