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5 Celebrities Who Made Designer Glasses their Style


Updated on Oct 11, 2023

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From the humble beginnings of the spectacle there has always been one central purpose: to enable the wearer to see more clearly. As time and culture progressed, this core purpose remained, but so too did spectacles become something far greater than that, something more culturally significant. Of course we’re talking about the influx over the twentieth and twenty-first century of designer glasses being worn as a fashion statement.

This is especially common in the last thirty or forty years, where the media has enabled images of celebrities to be shared worldwide, allowing people from all over the globe to take a look at what the latest developments in eyewear fashion are. These designer glasses are available in both regular spectacles and as sunglasses, and their use by celebrities is far reaching. Not only do these actors, singers, writers etc. use their eyewear to see more clearly, they also are able to ensure their continued cultural relevance and visual fashion legacy.

Here are some of the celebrities who have made eyewear part of their iconic looks.

Dianne Keaton

Keaton’s look is one that everyone associated with eyewear, and her choice of designer glasses has set her apart throughout her entire career. The clear or black frames paired with a beguiling and cutting edge fashion sense has served to easily identify her wherever her picture is shared.

Tina Fey

Tina Fey is somebody associated with a sort of style that has only recently come to the forefront of fashion: it’s an understated and approachable look that perfectly marries with her reputation as one of the finest comedians and comedic actors. Her frame choice is every bit as important as her other stylistic decisions, and these ‘geeky’ rectangle designer glasses are so in-synch with her overall look that you can see significant thought went into the choice.

Zadie Smith

The award winning writer Zadie Smith’s choice of frames is a well considered and appropriate one for a novelist with such an esteemed reputation. Her thicker frames pair excellently with her modern and in-vogue fashion looks. Her reputation as an intellectual has blended well with her choice of eye-wear, which seem to fit into the space between office and fashion runway.

Iris Apfel

Finally, a look so startling and bold that it deserves a mention in any list such as this. Iris Apfel’s large, thick, round frames are a signature look that is perhaps the archetype of this form of fashion. Her choice of eyewear has ensured that her style is memorable and individualised.

Which Designer?

Glasses come in all shapes and styles, and whether you’re choosing something chic and stylish like Tom Ford or Calvin Klein, or something with innovative styling like Lindberg, there will be a set of frames that suits your face and your style. Celebrities have been using design houses for decades to ensure that their faces and their works stay in the limelight, but this is possible for everyone, regardless of fame. Visiting an experienced optician who can advise about the best designers is a great way to make that first step to a very sound investment.

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