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3 Questions About Reverse Osmosis Answered

Wastewater Treatment & Disposal

Updated on Oct 11, 2023

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The issue of how to manage wastewater responsibly is of growing concern within a number of industries. As rules and regulations are tightened, finding the most efficient and environmentally friendly solution is important. For these reasons, RO water treatment (reverse osmosis) has become one of the most popular solutions to the problem of effluent management. Not only is it safe and simple, but it can also save businesses time and money in the long run.

The process works by reversing the osmosis mechanism to filter out unwanted impurities, resulting in a purified solution. It can work in big plants to remove nitrates, bacteria, man made chemicals and other large particles. The cleaned liquid can then be reused in production, while the impurities are disposed of safely. No nasty chemicals are required, which makes it a favourite in all kinds of manufacturing situations.

In what sectors/industries is RO water treatment used?

H2O is a key part of many industries. Its used to clean machinery, cool things, process parts, and even make consumable products. Here are a few examples of how this treatment is used in different situations.

1. Food and beverage

When it comes to water usage, this is one of the largest sectors, due to it being highly regulated. Every part of the process of food and drink needs to be as clean as possible, which inevitably involves water. Limiting the spread of bacteria is paramount, so every surface and piece of equipment needs to be thoroughly cleaned. In addition, water is often used as an ingredient, especially in beverage production.

2. Automotive

Another H2O-heavy industry is the car manufacturing sector. From start to finish water is a key part, ensuring that elements are cleaned and cooled. The resulting effluent contains many harmful substances such as heavy metals and oils. This is where RO water treatment is needed to ensure that these substances are managed effectively and the rest can be reused.

3. Pharmaceutical

Another huge sector that relies on water is the pharmaceutical industry. Not only is it needed to manufacture medication but it also includes the production of cleaning products. Responsible management of effluent is key here, as many dangerous chemicals are used throughout the process and will need to be disposed of very carefully.

How long do RO water treatment filters last?

Maintaining the filters in these systems is essential to save money and time in the long run. Ideally, they should be replaced every 12 months to ensure the most effective filtration and prevent any impurities from remaining in the effluent. Its always best to get a professional to help you install new filters as they will have the best technical knowledge and will ensure that youre back up and running in no time.

Can I have a bespoke RO water treatment system?

Yes! Working with a highly knowledgeable and experienced service provider means that they can help design a treatment system for your specific needs. This can include operations that produce a high volume of effluent, as well as many other unique features. Discuss your needs with the expert and they will ensure that you get everything you require from the tailor-made service.

As you can see, reverse osmosis treatment is a great option for many sectors. But remember, if youre thinking of switching over to this system, its important to work with a reputable and experienced professional to ensure that you get the best from your investment.

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