Syracuse Houses for Sale: Your Tips To Choosing The Perfect Home

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Updated on Oct 28, 2020

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Syracuse Houses for Sale: Your Tips To Choosing The Perfect Home

At certain milestones in your life, you may see it fitting to purchase a new home. You may want to celebrate getting a promotion at your company, getting married and settling down, or welcoming the birth of another baby in your family. Since you’ll be investing quite a substantial amount of money, it’s but right that you go on an extensive search until you find the perfect home. Here are some practical tips to help you in selecting the best home in Syracuse to match your preferences and needs:

1. Ask yourself about what you really want in a home.

These are the questions you may ask yourself before you begin your search:

- What type of home do you want? Do you want a bungalow, a multi-level, or an apartment unit?
- What’s your purpose in buying a new home? Are you a recent graduate with no kids and you want to live a free lifestyle? Or are you an established professional with a spouse and children?

Asking yourself these initial questions will narrow down your options in terms of the size of house, neighborhood, and price. This is when you decide on what specific type of house you want. Do you prefer an old-fashioned Victorian-era mansion or a modern minimalist-designed house?

The layout and amenities will follow. For some prospective homeowners, there are non-negotiable items such as a big garden to play in, a swimming pool for the children, or provisions for a home theater. Get a piece of paper and list down all the things that you’d want in your ideal home. Doing this will help you and your CNY Realtor determine the initial direction of your search.

2. Determine your budget for your new home.

When talking about your budget for buying a home, the main concern would be the purchase cost of the house. Most professionals advise future homeowners to get pre-approved for a bank loan so that they know their own limits in terms of costs.

Another budget-related concern is to know in advance about the property taxes and homeowner dues, specifically in the area you’re considering, like Syracuse. Some people add in the taxes in their monthly mortgage payments. However, taxes go up annually, and you should be prepared for this jump in rates. Research on information about tax rates and fees in Syracuse for the past five years. This will give you an idea of how to prepare for fees if you choose to live there.

3. Be open to the potentials for renovation and improvement.

When looking at older homes, don’t be immediately discouraged if the house isn’t in the best condition. Keep your mind open to possibly having the house renovated. Some older houses are generally built better, and you may get a good deal for an older house with some small items or furniture for repair or refurbishment. You may get the help of a carpenter, electrician, or a plumber to evaluate the condition the house is in, as well as how feasible it will be to repair and improve the house.

4. Evaluate the location of the house you plan to buy.

Getting a house in an area that you like is as important as choosing the house itself. Many factors should be considered when you’re rating a house’s location. For one, the cost of utilities may vary depending on location, and this will affect your monthly budget.

Additional details you should consider are proximity to important places such as the hospital, church, schools, groceries, and town hall. Moreover, study how accessible the area is. You may ask yourself the following questions:

- Is the home easy to drive to?
- Are there many options for public transportation around the location of the home?
- How near is the house to your place of work?

5. Research on how the area fits in with your lifestyle.

Imagine that you and your family are living in Syracuse. These are some of the questions you may want to ask yourself:

- Do you have children that would enjoy a weekly visit to the park?
- Do you have pets such as dogs that would need daily walks?
- What are the local lifestyle activities available?
- Is the home close to the city? Or does it emit a nature vibe like the places close to the woods?

All these details would depend on your personal preferences and would make it easier for you to decide.

Ask yourself as well how long you plan on staying in the area. If you’re a newlywed couple and envision yourselves having kids in the near future, think of how child-friendly the area is, especially if you plan on staying for five years or more.


You may want to ask for the help of experts who have the experience and knowledge to accurately evaluate the viability of purchasing a specific house. Real estate experts would have a better idea of property values in a certain area, and how it would likely go up in the next few years depending on expansion plans. Asking an architect would also give you an idea about the quality of the house and how easy it would be to remodel and improve in the future.

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