How to convert an E2 visa into a Green Card?

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Updated on Feb 25, 2020

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Thinking of acquiring your permanent residency status in the United States of America through converting your Investor Treaty visa or E2 visa into a Green Card status?

The E2 visa or work visa which is also known as E2 treaty investor visa is given by the USCIS (the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) to those alien or say foreign national immigrant businessmen and employees applicants who come from offshore countries and thinking of securing a permanent resident or "Green Card Status" in the country. Also, Nations that fall right under and have an investment treaty with the United States of America Federal Government as per the directed governed policies of the U.S Immigration and Citizenship Laws.

A successfully acquired status of a non-immigrant E2 visa provides appealing opportunities to the alien applicants who are looking forward to enjoying immigration benefits which majorly involves earning a livelihood in the States, work and treasuring an extensive stay or say "Lawful Permanent Residency" in the United States of America with their family with the help of converting their E2 visa status into a Green Card.

See, an E2 visa is mostly submitted for obtaining the privilege of setting up some sort of a business establishment and for working in an enterprise settled within the limitations of the country and to sequentially convert their E2 visa into Green Card is also one of its major benefits.

Recent E2 visa “Reformations” under the Trump’s Administration

However, the recent changes or “reformations” which were executed by Donald Trump’s administration didn't exactly amplify the difficulty in the proceedings for applying for an E2 visa within its eligibility criteria, required formalities for filing and successfully receiving your E2 visa status through cross-checking and authorization of the federal immigration authority of USCIS.

Still, Trump’s administration has certainly enhanced an accountable and unfair number of denials involved with many sorts of visas proceedings which are then given to alien applicants by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Furthermore, they are insisting and more focused on granting Green Card Status from E2 Visa approval if only some big fish and privileged non-immigrant has applied with a weighed and stocking amount of required investment to create an ample amount of job opportunities for U.S citizens. However, the required and mentioned investment should only be made suffice to and ensure that applicants would succeed in operating their business.

Following are some of the ways which would help you successfully convert your E2 visas into Green Card:-

Once a foreign national applicant has successfully received the desired status of their E2 visa, they would need to leave as well depart from the U.S by that exact instance of a moment when their acquired E2 visa gets expired. Otherwise, you will surely face deportation trail imminently forced by the Federal Immigration authorities.

However, if an immigrant is looking towards extending their stay in the U.S and further wishing to keep on working at their settled business establishment. Then, they would certainly need to apply for an "adjustment of status" with USCIS and finding an "Employer as Sponsor" in order to get the lawful permanent resident card by successively converting previous E2 visa status into Green Card.

Here are some of the Efficient Ways to Convert your E2 visas into Green Card through submitting the required documentation with the USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services),

Through your US residing Family relative as your "Sponsor"- Supposedly, if an alien applicant has a close relative who is already staying in the U.S and lawfully acquired the status of "Permanent Residency". Then, the applicant can surely use their relative as a "sponsor" to file for your "Adjustment of residency status" and converting your E2 visa into Green Card without disrupting your previously achieved E2 visa status.

Through filing for their U.S residency "Adjustment of status' from E2 Visa-

According to guidelines and given policies of U.S immigration laws for succeeding in receiving your "Green Card Status”, an alien immigrant can surely file their petition for "Adjustment of status" and submit the required documentation with the USCIS.

Through applying for an EB-5 visa Petition-

While having its reputation as one of the efficient ways to secure "Permanent Residency" in the United States of America", applying for an investor visa or EB-5 visa program is also a great way to get your Green Card Status where an applicant has to make an investment of $1.8 million in new or existing business settled in the United States.

With the help of Applying through Employment-based visas-

While getting a Green Card or Permanent Residency in the U.S is quite an extensive process within its nature of applying and proceedings. However, if a U.S residing employer is willing to file your application and additionally launch a recruitment process for you then an alien applicant can surely convert their E2 visa Status into Green Card.

Making a Direct EB-5 investment visa with Regional Center-

Executing an EB-5 investment with the regional center in the Target Employment Areas (TEA's) is also one of the notable ways to convert your E2 visa into a Green Card.

At Last, What you should consider when applying for converting an E2 visa into Green Card?

The approvals for an E2 visa are majorly delivered to foreign national applicants by the USCIS (the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) on the mandatory foundation of a properly executed filing and submission of the required documentation.

Besides that, showing utmost dedication and honesty while putting forward objectives in front of the U.S Federal immigration authority like a US consulate immigration officer at your visa interview. Undoubtedly, going to result in a sure issuance and as well as converting your E2 visa into Green Card Status.
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