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Why Skip Bin is Beneficial

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Updated on Jul 26, 2019

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As human beings we produce waste, there’s no way around that. We need to consume to survive, it has been this way ever since the first single celled organism decided to start mucking about. The average garbage bin typically works just fine for most personal uses, but that’s not to say there’s never going to be a time where you might need some more industrial strength help in removing rubbish.

That brings us to the skip bin. Situated on the frontlines of waste management, the skip bin is much like a smaller, open air dumpster that’s perfect for dealing with large amounts of waste. They’re most commonly employed by laborers, large businesses, as well as people dealing with jobs on an as-needed basis.

Not sure why you’d ever need a skip bin? Let’s get into it, shall we?

Deal With Waste Easily

Since skip bins are rather large, waste is efficiently and effectively pooled into a single area rather than having to put together several bags of garbage. Builders on work sites often use skip bins to throw away all unused building materials. Some people also rent a skip bin for a day when doing large scale home or yard cleanup. Unpredictable events often result in a skip bin rental, for example home fire, when cleaning up after a home fire, Jack Martin from Backyard Bins recommends using skip bins to quickly move all items damaged by smoke or water from fire hoses off the property. It’s very easy to deal with all of the waste produced since the company that dropped off the skip bin will later recover it and ensure that all of the garbage is fully dealt with.

Keep An Area Safe

Whenever you’re working on a large project, things get messy. No human being is 100% effective all the time, so if there’s lots of wood chips or other miscellaneous debris laying around as a consequence of a long term project, keeping a skip bin on hand is a fantastic way to keep your work area put together should anyone visit and so you can always keep sight of how far along you’ve progressed.


If you’re disposing of large quantities of waste, a weekly garbage collection by the city just won’t cut it. When you rent a skip bin, all of the hassle of actually removing the waste from your property and disposing of it is handled by the skip bin company themselves. At the end of each day they go and collect any of the skip bins that have been marked for collection, take them away, and then dispose of the waste using environmentally sound methods.

Some people with massive gardens elect to seek out a skip bin service so they can routinely trim their leaves and plants and then have it get carted away on a weekly basis. Essentially, the only effort required on your part is actually getting the rubbish into the bin, from there your waste management woes can be put completely out of mind. Some companies accept all kinds of waste except notoriously toxic materials like asbestos and things like car batteries. Always make sure that the bin service you’re using accepts green waste as opposed to just regular ol’ garbage, the fees associated with dealing with waste that was not agreed upon can be hefty.

Cost Effective

At the end of the day, a skip bin is merely a metal bin placed down property for a duration of time. This means that it is hardly an expensive endeavor, most of the costs come from the company having to deliver & retrieve the bin, not to mention disposal fees. Fees are also kept lower since you’re only disposing of one massive load at a time while normal waste removal would be done piecemeal in a fashion that would maximize the waste management company’s bottom line.


Since your waste will be handled by professionals, they are held up to a pretty stringent standard as far as what they are allowed to dispose of and how. They deal with the waste in their own way, so you won’t have to worry about contributing to the growth of your local landfill plus there’s no worries about having to illegally dump any of your excess material. Most skip bin companies also double as recyclers, they pick apart the waste of recyclable materials and then sell them for a profit to a company that will make new things from said material.

Hopefully this has opened you up to the possibility of investing in a skip bin in the near future should you find it necessary. It is one of the most all inclusive and easy ways to handle just about any amount of garbage. Should one skip bin be insufficient, it usually isn’t any sort of a hassle to have multiple on site for a similar rate. It is one of those industries that is sure to never die unless we figure out some way to eliminate 100% of our human waste.
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