Keeping your Johnston and Murphy Boots Looking Fine and Refined

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Updated on Jun 19, 2018

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If there is any component of a professional man’s outfit that needs to be kept in tip-top shape, it’s his boots. More than nearly any other piece of clothing, our shoes, and boots, protect us from the elements, ensure our comfort, and even ensure that the rest of our bodies are moving correctly. On top of that, our boots communicate a piece of who we are; well-kept boots indicate an organized person that doesn’t ignore details. Caring for high-quality footwear is a little more complicated than brushing them off after a day out, but we believe everyone should have access to the knowledge of good boot care. Keep reading to learn how to care for your distinctive Johnston And Murphy Boots:

1.  Preparing New Boots
The first step to giving your Johnston and Murphy boots a long and graceful life takes place before you ever wear them out the first time. Your shoes won’t last long if they get unnecessarily wet and accidentally bent. For this reason, purchasing a quality shoe horn and waterproof leather cream right away can start your shoe care off to a good start. Quality Johnston and Murphy boots hold their form, staying comfortable for years, but this fact also means that you won’t be able to just slide your foot in like you would for cloth shoes. A shoehorn will prevent undue stress on the back of your boot. Waterproof treatment cream, especially creams derived from natural ingredients, are gentle on the leather of your boots and prevent dew, rainwater, and moisture from high humidity from aging your boots prematurely.

2.  Comfortable Rest
Just like us, our shoes need comfortable rest.  Leather is a treated organic material, and, therefore, it can age and degrade if subjected to undue stress or inclement environmental factors. Because of this, storing your boots out of direct sunlight with cedar shoe trees is ideal. Cedar shoe trees fulfill a number of important roles in the preservation of your boots; they wick away extra moisture without over drying your shoes, they are reusable, and, most importantly, they ensure that your shoes do not develop creases while sitting idle. Avoiding the formation of creases extends how long your shoes will look good and feel comfortable to wear.

3.  Clean and Polish
While not every outing will demand a full clean-and-polish of your shoes, it’s good to get into the habit of brushing them and cleaning them after every wear. A quick brushing and cleaning of your shoes can take as little as five minutes and can drastically extend the life of your shoes. When you’re out and about, all kinds of hard-to-see grime can accumulate on your boots. Fluids, dirt, and dust can be overly acidic, basic, or corrosive to the leather of your boots, and doing a brief brush and wipe-down can ensure these rough substances don’t stay on your shoes. Of course, you should do a full clean-and-polish after a few outings or after your boots become particularly soiled by dust or grime.

A horse-hair brush, microfiber cloth, and mild leather cleaning liquids and creams all will serve to make the cleaning process considerably easier, faster, and more effective in the long run.

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