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Updated on Jul 29, 2022

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Your Agent Profile on A Greater Town

Hello. If you are a Real Estate agent and you have discovered your agent profile on our website, please read the FAQ below for more information.

Q: Why is my agent profile on your site?
A: A Greater Town is part of ListHub's national distribution network, which increases exposure for your listings. ListHub is the leading platform nationwide for listing management, serving more than 66,000 brokerages, synchronizing listing information from nearly 600 MLS data sources, and over 150 participating publishers reaching homebuyers on more than 750 websites. A Greater Town is one of these publisher websites.

Q: How do you get my personal information?
A: Each day, our site receives active listings from ListHub. Your agent profile on A Greater Town is derived from the information in your most recent listing.

Q: Can I make changes to my agent profile on your website?
A: Yes. A Greater Town offers special features that many other publishers do not. We allow you to update information in your profile and add other content as well. When you make changes to your profile, you override the data that we receive from your listings. We also invite you to enhance your profile with information, such as your headshot, that is not contained in your listings.

Q: What information can I change on my agent profile?
A: You can change personal information including your name, website, MLS ID, phone number, email address, and primary service area - the location in which the profile primarily appears.

Q: What information can I add to my agent profile?
A: You may add a headshot photo, your bio, testimonials and social media links. These pieces of information are not sent to us in the ListHub feed and therefore only appear on your profile if you add them yourself.

Q: Can I update my broker's information also?
A: You can override certain information, but if you have listings they no longer apply, since the broker controls how office & broker information appear on listings. If the information is incorrect, please let your office admin know it needs to be corrected in the MLS dashboard and/or in the ListHub dashboard. See below ListHub videos and links for further information.

Q: When I update my agent profile, will it update the information in my property listings on your site?
A: Yes. When you update or override personal information in your profile, your changes are reflected in all of your listings on our site.

Q: Can I delete my agent profile on your website?
A: If you do not currently have active listings, then you can delete your agent profile. If you have active listings on our site, then it is not possible to delete your profile because your profile is automatically derived from your active listings.

Q: If I delete my agent profile, will it be permanent?
A: Not necessarily. If you delete your agent profile, your profile will return if we receive any new listings for you.

Q: I found my agent profile on your site, but I do not have any property listings. Why is that?
A: At one time, you had active listings on our site and we derived your agent profile from your listings. When the listings are removed, we maintain your agent profile unless you delete it.

Q: Can I delete a property listing?
A: No. Property listings belong to your broker. We advise you to consult your broker if you wish to remove a property listing, or if you want to remove your personal information from the listing.

Q: How does my broker delete a property listing from your site?
A: We receive your listings from ListHub which, in turn, receives your listings from your MLS. In some cases, your MLS may have a relationship with ListHub that allows your broker to opt-out of publishing on our site.

Q: Why is my personal phone number wrong?
A: A common reason is that the number belongs to an agent that used to be part of your office. Your office administrator who has access to the ListHub dashboard may not have updated the number when that agent left.

Q: How do I correct my personal information before it gets to your site?
A: In most cases, ListHub sends us the information found directly in your MLS listings. In some cases, ListHub may be receiving your information from another source such as corporate marketing for your brand. In all cases, please contact your broker or office administrator who handles listing syndication for further information.

Q: How do I get update my agent profile on your site?
A: First, you must claim your profile. Claiming your profile is a simple matter of creating a new account on our site using the email address found on your profile. Once you confirm your email address, your account on A Greater Town is linked to your agent profile.
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