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Updated on Mar 25, 2019

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Many companies are working hard on new drone applications to enable them to be incorporated into our home surveillance systems, or indeed, to have them be used as the sole security system in modern homes. There are of course many challenges facing such companies, but a few of those who are making headway have come up with some innovative and exciting new drone security systems:

The Sunflower Drone Security System:

In this innovative and creative drone security system, lights constructed to look like regular garden lights, are strategically placed around the homeowner’s yard, filled with sensors. Each one has a built-in microphone and vibration sensor that can detect and locate people, animals, and vehicles through triangulation.

When the lights determine that enough activity has been detected to warrant further investigation, an autonomous drone rather like a bee flies out of the base station (called a hive) to investigate further. This drone comes equipped with obstacle avoidance sensors and cameras that can submit a live feed of 1080p to a smartphone or tablet.

The way this system is currently set up, the homeowner is required to initiate the launch of the drone and instruct it as to when it must return to the home base or hive. When the drone has landed, then the video footage is uploaded and saved to the cloud. The home base also contains the computer that runs the whole security system, gives protection to the drone from the elements outside and charges it, too.

What challenges might a security system like this, face?

In the initial stages of this home drone security system, the maker’s target buyers will be high end, wealthy people who are interested in technology and keen to advance their current home security system. The makers of the so-called ‘sunflower drone’, Sunflower Labs, hope to become self-sustaining quickly, enabling them to lower the cost of the system and appeal to a wider range of buyers living in regular homes.

Other challenges include weather proofing the drone and overcoming the many regulatory hurdles that stand in their way. Flying at night is a contentious issue and requires a special waiver under the current FAA rules and regulations, as does BVLOS, or ‘beyond-visual-line-of-sight.

If the makers of this home drone security system can reduce the weight of the drone, then it could be classed in the least restrictive zone of drones that weigh less than 0.55 lbs, which will further limit the impositions placed upon it.

With drones getting a lot of negative press of late, and fears from the public about how easily they can get into the wrong hands and be used for criminal purposes, it’s comforting to hear of companies trying to build drones that can truly help to protect us and keep us safer while we’re in our homes.

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