4 Bar Tricks Women Will Love


Updated on May 29, 2019

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The art of seduction is a long and arduous process. A recent study made by Loveawake.com dating service has found that the chance of finding love on a given day is just 1 in 541 if you leave it entirely to fate. It has also become more and more difficult to succeed, as different people look to capture the attention of the girl who has tickled your fancy. Some look to perfect their dance moves whilst others like to practice their unique chat up lines that will definitely help them in their pursuit for love. But maybe some of you are missing a trick when it comes to talking to women. Maybe you need to start practicing magic tricks that will set you apart from others in the watering hole you have visited. But as you begin your journey to become the next David Copperfield you will to rigorously learn some tricks which will set you apart. So, here are four bartricks that women will certainly love!

Sticking A Glass To The Palm Of Your Hand.

In order to succeed in this trick you will need a shot of Sambuca, a lighter and one hand. First of all, you light the Sambuca inside the glass and then extinguish this flame with the palm of your hand. This decrease in air temperature will creating a strong vacuum and the glass will be attached to your hand without falling off. This is a perfect and easy trick that doesn’t take long to do and will instantly impress the girl of your dreams.

Making An Olive Defy Gravity.

Fans of the “Big Bang Theory” will instantly recognize this trick, which Leonard used to seduce Penny before smacking his head on the back of a table. You place a small glass over the top of the olive and then move the glass in a circular motion before placing the olive inside another object. A good idea is to place a bet with the woman that you can move the olive into another glass without touching it before you complete the trick.

Match Bet!

To perform this trick you will need a cardboard match. Simply write “H” on one side and “T” on the other, which resemble heads and tails. You then say that you will throw the match in the air and if it lands on either heads or tails you will purchase a drink for the lady of your choice, and if it lands on its side she has to supply you with a beverage. Make sure that you bend the match a little and then toss it in the air, it will always land its side.

The Napkin Crab.

A simple yet effective way to a woman’s attention is to take a napkin, open it up, twist all four ends so that it resembles a parachute, then place a lemon or lime underneath the napkin and roll the fruit so that it looks like a crab crawling across the bar. It may sound cutesy or corny, but women really go for this type of thing. This immediately endearing trick will warm any girls heart.
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