What are the advantages of coworking?

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Updated on Nov 17, 2019

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It is a well-known fact that startups and freelancers starting a new business venture have a limited budget and are not able to afford permanent office space for themselves or their companies. This doesn't mean that the only option they have is to work from home. Yes, work from home has its own charm, you are own boss, you can decide your schedule and go to coffee shops and cafes to finish your work. However, it can get frustrating and cumbersome sometimes.

When the situation gets a little tricky for you and you wish you had a place to yourself, the concept of Coworking near me comes in. It is basically a space where you can go and sit randomly on a table with like-minded people and get your work done. It can either be the same space that becomes a pseudo office or even different ones each day. This latest trend has benefited a lot of people and organization.

Before the advantages are talked off, there are certain disadvantages of coworking that can be mentioned as a disclaimer. There are some people who are actually more productive when working from home and coworking may not work for them. Secondly, if you have a high sense of self-discipline, then probably you don't need to consider. Stating all this, the advantages of coworking are many and have been discussed below.

Advantages of coworking

Brings in a separation of work and home- work is not always sorted and rosy and there will be times when you will be under a lot of stress. People who work from home generally harbour that stress with them all the time as there is no separation in the environment. Having a coworking space would mean that you finish your work there and can head back home to unwind.

Makes you more effective- people working in a coworking space have the option to interact and coordinate with other people which makes them perform better. The environment also matters a lot here.

Being around like-minded people can inspire you- one of the most common occurrences while working in a startup is that you may be stuck in a rut and not be able to figure something out. This may get super frustrating, especially you are alone. On the other hand, a coworking spaces in Noida with people of similar thought process can inspire you to arrive at a solution sooner. You can even go to an expert when needed.

Creates a network and also enhance your social life- when you work from home, you tend to spend most of your times indoor and have minimum interaction with people. A coworking space can solve that issue as well as you get to meet a lot of new people and your social life becomes better. It is also conducive to build a network and expand if you feel the need to do so.

You start becoming more serious about yourself- when you are sitting at home all day and working, you tend to become lazy and casual in your approach. Most of the time you will be wearing your flip flops and shorts and not care about your appearance. Once you start heading out, you become more self-conscious and take your personal presentation seriously, which is very important.

Cost reduction- like mentioned before, a coworking space is a temporary work area and the cost will be much lesser than what you had to pay for a permanent office. This, it saves a lot of money which you can channel elsewhere.

Amazing services- coworking spaces generally provide you with facilities that are extremely necessary. One of them includes 24/7 high-speed internet access which is required most of the time. Free printing also is a big service, considering its utility. Other small things like a separate room for conferences and Skype calls, easy availability of coffee and food, good and comfortable surroundings and environment, all these matter a lot too.

Build a team- if you feel that your startup is moving in the right direction and you would want to employ more people from other sectors, you have a large number of potential options right in front of you. Thus, you can expand and build a team.

All the above-mentioned advantages should be convincing enough to make you try out a Coworking near me space, especially because some of them allow a 3-day free trial.
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