Types of Batteries Used in Cars

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Updated on Nov 20, 2020

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Power bank or battery is one essential component of car due to which the vehicle runs. Depending on the way it is maintained its life may last longer which is usually essential for powering the lights, igniting the engine, blowing horn and playing music. But it is known that it cannot last longer for life time and needs a replacement. Hence taking care of the battery after replacing with a new one can enhances its life. Various factors have to be considered while selecting the right battery which includes durability in extreme weather conditions, right shape and size maintenance, life span, recycling procedure and warranty period. The right battery has to be selected by considering these options. There are three types of batteries available in the market such as: Types of batteries Low maintenance: As of the name shows that the battery needs very low maintenance compared to other batteries. They are different from conventional batteries as distilled water is not present in these type and run longer without any water. The level of the electrolyte present in this battery cannot be checked while the working condition can be checked by the hydrometer readings taken from each cell. Maintenance free batteries: This type of batteries requires no maintenance and are designed to work for long periods. Replacing or recharging the battery is the only option in this type of batteries and this can be known by the indicator which is fitted for showing its life span. Green light shows the good working condition of the battery and if it shows red light it means that the battery is getting low. Conventional batteries: These are also known as lead-acid batteries used in automobiles. This type of batteries have to be checked very frequently once per month. It is similar to liquid electrolyte and more maintenance is required compared to other types of batteries. They are low in cost and last long with regular replacement of distilled water or mineral free water instead of normal tap water. Steps to be followed while buying a car battery: Select the correct battery size according to your car model by looking over the car manual. Consider the group size which usually refers to the dimension outside the battery and the terminal placements. Hence pick the battery with right size and good type accordingly as high temperatures are hard on car batteries the electrolyte present in the batteries evaporate rapidly in hot climates. Look for the battery that has been for less than six months on the store shelf. Consider the cold cranking amps which shows the battery’s ability to start at 0 degrees F and cranking amps which tell how much current does the battery delivers to the car when at 32 degrees F. Know about the reserve capacity fir the batteries. Compare between the low maintenance and maintenance free batteries before buying it. The above data give information regarding the various types of batteries mostly used in automotive and in present days all new cars are installed with maintenance free batteries which ensure problem free and a safe drive. credible reviews is a resource containing valuable and insightful information that is helpful to individuals to get clarity in understanding variety of subjects. It provides information on different topics including business, health, science, recreation, living, society & institutions etc. For more details on the categories, visit credible-reviews.com.
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