Leisure in COVID Times

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Updated on Mar 29, 2021

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These are the times when the dreaded Coronavirus pandemic has brought things to a grinding halt, throughout the Globe. As far as possible, people are confining themselves to home, to reduce the risk of contracting the infection. Consequently, everyone is now having plenty of leisure and they are taking up activities to make good use of this free time. We will now focus on some of these leisure activities: Gardening: If at all there is any best time to start gardening at home, it is now. The aspect of social distancing has now become almost a way of life. Therefore, people are now on the lookout for useful activities that can be done from the safety of the home. And, home gardening is one of the best recreational activities, more so in the current situation of COVID lockdown. Gardening enables you to work amid nature and this serves as an excellent antidote to stress and tension. This point gains more significance in light of the fact that the circumstances resulting from COVID have made people more prone to anxiety and depression. But when you divert the mind towards growing your garden plants, you would have no hindrances in overcoming stress/anxiety. The connectedness to nature that you experience relaxes you to the extent of strengthening your immunity. And, we all know that if the immune system is strong, you are less susceptible to COVID as well as other infections. Apart from keeping you slim and fit, gardening works as a wonderful preventive measure against heart conditions, hypertension, and neurological disorders. If you are recuperating from an ailment, rely on gardening to quicken the process of the total recovery. Toiling to grow your own vegetables and fruits gives you an enormous sense of satisfaction. This, in turn, greatly contributes to your mental health. In case your home is devoid of outdoor space that does not mean that you can’t grow a garden. In this regard, you have the choice of going to an indoor garden. There won’t be any home that does not have empty cans and bottles and you can use these items to grow container garden plants. Physical Exercise: As you now have plenty of time at your disposal, it would be a lovely idea to chalk out a physical exercise regimen. Begin the daily workouts of your own fitness program and very soon you are going to start witnessing the positive difference. Meditation: The positives of meditation are too well-known to warrant special mention. Meditation, along with keeping you relaxed, also makes your immune system stronger. Culinary Skills: This is the ideal time for you to hone your culinary skills. There could be several new recipes that you always wanted to try, but were never able to do so due to your busy schedule. Now, you can just go ahead and prepare these recipes as well as experiment with new styles of cooking. Internet Workshops: Of course, this is not the right time for you to visit institutes, schools, and training centers. But, there are no restrictions on enrolling yourself in online courses/workshops and enhancing your knowledge. Homemade Skin Care Products: Here is another good leisure activity for you. Just collect the peels of specific vegetables/fruits and make skincare products from them. You can use these not just to hydrate and exfoliate, but also to maintain the health of your skin. Cleaning: You might have been repeatedly postponing cleaning of your home till now. But you don’t have to make further delays. As you now have plenty of free time, just clean up your entire home. You can properly arrange the shoes, clothes, and other items and keep them in spaces specifically allotted for them. Power opinions has write-ups with opinions, tips, reviews and information which are the outputs of quality research, analysis and experiences of professionals. We understand the benefits of being well informed. So we take pride in providing insightful, reliable, and timely information to businesses as well as individuals. We cover topics from different categories including business, developments, entertainment, general, health, home-Living, science, society, and technology etc. For more details, visit Power Opinions for SMB's.
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