Benefits of ayurvedic badam roghan oil to children and infants

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Updated on Jan 23, 2020

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People use ayurvedic oils for different reasons. They prevent hair fall and nourish the hair properly. They should be massaged to the body and the scalp. Some of the oils should be massaged to the scalp and they should penetrate deeply into the scalp. Then, they strengthen the roots of the hair. When they are applied to the body, the blood circulates smoothly everywhere. A person can only relieve from problems such as joints pain, leg pain, etc.

Today many people use the sweet almond oil or the badam roghan oil. It is suitable for both children and adults. It should be applied to the infants also because it boosts memory power and provides instant energy. The immune system becomes stronger if this oil is applied. The scalp becomes nourished and also hairs do not fall.

Benefits of this oil to children and adults

The ayurvedic badam roghan oil is recommended for people who experience constant hairfall. This oil is suitable especially for heart patients and it improves the immunity of an individual. Anybody can improve the texture of their skin also. The skin becomes dry during the winter season and hence by applying oil, their skin gets moisturized. It can be applied to the area around the eyes and hence it can be applied to the dark circles also.

This oil is always suitable for the patients who suffer from dandruff as their scalp gets nourished. It can be applied to a woman during pregnancy and is applied to infants also. A woman can massage this oil to her body after childbirth.

Some people even add this oil into milk and drink it daily. It can be applied externally also. It is natural oil that does not contain any preservatives. This oil is neither added with any flavors or any artificial colors. The oil does not contain any rich anti-oxidants also and hence prevents the signs of ageing.

It can be massaged to people with joint problems and hence it can be applied to limbs regularly.

Uses of oil

The oil is powerful for the brain and hence it should be applied since infancy. The brains of the babies stimulate and they can develop a healthy brain. Even the people with digestive problems can use this oil. The oil should be applied to the belly if the person is suffering from diseases such as constipation.

As it is 100% sweet oil, it can be applied to the skin also. It is a rich source of fatty acids, Vitamin A, potassium, vitamins, minerals, etc. So, it comprises natural ingredients that are meant for beautifying a woman also.

Types of oil and uses of oil

This oil is available in two forms namely bitter and sweet. The bitter oil is an extract of bitter almonds and such oil should not be used for drinking. The sweet almond oil can be used for adding in the milk because it is an extract of sweet almonds. It can be used to cure different skin disorders such as scarring, dark spots, pigmentation etc.

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