Battling the AI world: The Job Role of an AI Specialist

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Updated on Apr 9, 2020

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Keywords such as artificial intelligence and machine learning have become quite synonymous with innovation. Yet, LinkedIn made sure it is more than just the buzzwords running through the IT jobs market.

According to LinkedIn’s 2020 Emerging Job Report, AI Specialist’ stood to be in the no.1 position as an emerging job role.

It shouldn’t be surprising. Many job roles have risen. As a result, job roles in AI such as data scientists and cyber security have taken quite a toll.

Are you ready to revolutionize your career?

An AI specialist has seen a growth rate of about 74 percent during the past four years, mentions a report by LinkedIn. Certain skills include deep learning, Tensor Flow, machine learning, natural language processing, and Python.

But what are the core responsibilities of these experts in the industry?

Precisely, their job roles are broad, in short, they have multiple job roles they can play. However, they all cater toward one single goal and they all have a specialist program to comprehend and manage multiple situations.

One of the responsibilities an AI specialist does is to programs computers and test those hypotheses to find out how the human mind functions. An example can be quoted via the Cognitecs ‘FACEVACS’ technology.

This technology is being used majorly for security, to recognize faces of people and identify whether the individualis the same person who they claim to be. Most of the highly skilled professionals work in applied AI. Their focus is to program computer smart systems. Now, these system covers areas from solving complex problems to recognizing voices.

Besides this, an AI specialist holds responsible for providing secured operations within industries. Nonetheless, their impact is already felt in the sport, financial, and health industries. They also have a high potential to make an impact on the geology and law sector.

Since more roles need to be defined, becoming an AI specialist can be as flexible as it gets.

Major roles and responsibilities

An artificial intelligence specialist could take up multiple job roles and responsibilities such as: -

Java developer – A professional whose expertise lies in collaborating with multiple software engineers and web developers in integrating Java into software, businesses, and business applications.

Software development manager – This individual plays a major role in designing, installation, testing, and maintenance of the software system.

C# developer – An expert who can handle multiple responsibilities such as developing an application, testing the application, check for its scalability, and security, etc.

Software analyst – An individual responsible for studying the software application domain, ensure the software requirements are intact along with specification documents.

Research scientists – They hold sole responsibility for designing, analyzing, and undertaking information.

Information security engineers– Are experts capable of safeguarding the organizations’ computer networks and systems.

Software engineer – They specialize in certain areas in the development field – operating systems, databases, applications, and networks.

Salary compensation as an AI specialist

The pay is impressive for professionals with AI skills. During the past four years, AI has commendably infiltrated the industry as such that in the present times, it is getting challenging to find the right candidate with the right set of skills.

The major reason why you will find many tech professionals moving toward getting themselves skilled through AI certifications.

According to Indeed, an AI engineer in San Francisco is eligible to rake in a salary package ranging between USD 120,000 to USD 160,000. At times, they could also earn higher than USD 250,000. However, in terms of cities, you can also look through job openings in New York and Washington D.C.

The AI labor market will keep evolving and won’t cease to stop. It has also been predicted that AI skills will be among the ones which are in-demand this 2020.

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