5 Tips for Newly Weds Who Are Looking Their First Home

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Updated on Aug 20, 2020

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If getting married is one of the biggest decisions you can ever make, buying a home has to be a close second. That being said, newlyweds often are forced to make both of these large decisions back-to-back as they move from living and leading separate lives to forge a new life and home together. While this can be exciting, it can also be overwhelming, since you're not only navigating each other in a new way, but you're also navigating a new process: purchasing a home. Here are five tips for newlyweds looking for their first home together.

Make a list of must-haves and nice-to-haves.

Even though you and your new spouse likely agree on many things, when it comes to what you're looking for in a home, you likely have different needs. If you don't think you do, just spend an afternoon watching old episodes of House Hunters in your city. While you might agree more than some of the couples on the show, it's not unheard of to have different priorities and desires when it comes to things like style, number of rooms, or even what those rooms will be used for.

Making a list of must-haves and nice-to-haves helps solidify what exactly you're looking for in a home. Not only will this keep you grounded while you're on the hunt—see tip number three!—but it'll also help you get on the same page together as a married couple. For example, if you live in a city, finding a home with outdoor space might be important to you, whereas a bay window would be nice to have but not make-or-break. Having this list also helps you work with your agent to find the perfect home!

Get the full picture.

As you start to look at properties, you'll need to get a feeling for how fairly priced they are and how motivated the seller is to make a sale. This can be tricky for new homebuyers to do, but thankfully there are online resources and tools that help get you information about the housing market you're interested in and whether a property is overpriced or underpriced.

If you aren't sure where to start, just Google "Nalula homes for sale," and navigate to the Nalula homepage. Nalula has a variety of online filters that help you find your dream home—from searching by price to viewing a score of how eager to sell the current homeowner is. This is the kind of information you can't get at other real estate listings websites.

Don't rush into the decision.

Especially with mortgage interest rates at historic lows, it can be easy to feel like you have to act now or you'll miss out on a great deal. While it's true that getting a great interest rate can save you tens of thousands of dollars over the lifetime of your mortgage, it's just as important that you get a deal on a home you actually want to live in. Make sure to go back to your list of nice-to-haves and must-haves before you make an offer—and keep in mind that as you see homes, you may want to update your list to reflect your priorities!

Find a place to live that brings you bliss.

While many new home buyers focus on the interior of a home when shopping for a new house, it's just as important to think about and focus on the neighborhood or city you're moving to, too. After all, the famous adage about real estate is that the most important factor is "Location, location, location," and that applies to more than just investment opportunity.

It's important that you love where you live just as it's important that you love what home you live in. That means that it might be worth looking into log homes for sale in North Carolina if you love the outdoors and want to live in beautifully wooded property with rustic amenities. Think about where you work and where your family is, too, but if you've always dreamed of living in a place like North Carolina or owning your own log cabin and several acres, marriage is a great reason to pursue those dreams!

Don't be afraid to lean on family for support.

As you work to save up for a downpayment, don't be afraid to ask family members if they're willing to loan you some money to help. Whether it's covering closing costs or an interest-free loan that helps you get to a 20 percent downpayment, there's no shame in asking for financial help if you need it. After all, you and your spouse are just starting out, so it's likely you'll still need the support of your family in some way.

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